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IĮ "Gera praktika" konsultacijos apima šias sritis:

Standarto ISO 9001 diegimas ir palaikymas

Standarto ISO 17025 diegimas ir palaikymas

Vaistinių preparatų gera gamybos praktika

Gera vaistų platinimo praktika

Gera vaistinių praktika

Konsultaciniai vidaus auditai

Įmonių konsultavimas

Ruošiantis įgyti farmacinės veiklos ar asmens sveikatos priežiūros licencijas ir ruošiantis išorinių kontroliuojančių institucijų patikrinimams.

About "Gera praktika"

Individual Enterprise “Gera praktika” has originated from the individual consultancy projects of a single person. It has been a steadily growing company which has partners both in Lithuania and abroad.

Our consultants have gained their experience when working with the quality systems in public institutions, research laboratories, pharmaceutical business, in the fields of healthcare and services. We are not just dry theoreticians – opinions, recommendations and good practice examples provided by each and every one of us are based on our experience. We have been improving our qualification and participating in the activity of international quality management organisations.

Our clients are individual healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies and other service companies.


We are providing professional consultancy services to the companies which implement international standards ISO 9001, ISO 17025 as well various Good Practices. We build the foundations of the management systems and improve the existing corporate processes together with the service subscribers.


Leading quality management consultancy company in the fields of pharmaceutics, healthcare and services.


We care about honesty and quality in everything we do. With are working with people rather than with a document management system. We offer our client the solutions which are based on our experience and good practice. We save the clients’ time and budget. We adhere to the confidentiality principles.