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Staff training is not only a requirement of the standard

This is the foundation of your company's competitiveness!

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Quality management consultancy for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and services sectors

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Training and consulting

Open training

House-in training

This is a solution for the companies which prefer the training topic, location and delivery to be exclusively adjusted for their situation and staff.

Areas of training:

  • Establishment and maintenance of standard ISO 9001;
  • Establishment and maintenance of standard ISO 17025;
  • Good distribution practice of medicinal products;
  • Good manufacturing practice of medicinal products;
  • Good pharmacy practice.

Contact us, if you:

  • don’t find the external open training meeting your needs;
  • took part in the workshops covering topics in general but still lacking interpretation of a specific requirement of a specific standard or recommendations for practical application;
  • hope for tailored solutions;
  • want to share the training space with more people than just your colleagues.

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Individual Enterprise “Gera praktika” has been carrying out quality management consultancy projects in the following fields:

  • Wholesale distribution of medicinal products,
  • Manufacturing of medicinal products,
  • Activity of pharmacies,
  • Individual health care,
  • Accreditation of primary outpatient care institutions based on national standards,
  • Testing laboratories.

If you intend to obtain a licence for pharmaceutical activities or individual health care, we will be your consultants from the very first day of your company’s lifetime.

If you want to be compliant with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 170255 or other relevant standards and best practices, we will consult and accompany you until you are certified.Everyone can give a piece of advice – we help our clients. Instead of finding just a simple solution, we help finding the solution which fits our client the best.

We are not lecturing – we become our clients’ colleagues and peers interested in the success of the project and value creating management system.

About company


We are providing professional consultancy services to the companies which implement international standards ISO 9001, ISO 17025 as well various Good Practices. We build the foundations of the management systems and improve the existing corporate processes together with the service subscribers.

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Leading quality management consultancy company in the fields of pharmaceutics, healthcare and services.


We care about honesty and quality in everything we do. With are working with people rather than with a document management system. We offer our client the solutions which are based on our experience and good practice. We save the clients’ time and budget. We adhere to the confidentiality principles.